Our Leadership

The Reverend Jackie Broughton

My name is Jacalyn Broughton, and I am currently serving as Priest-In-Charge to Grace Episcopal Church. If you have any prayer requests or spiritual concerns you would like to discuss, I can be reached at 715-309-8829, or by leaving a message at 715-235-7072, to arrange for a time to meet.

Grace Church is a growing congregation located at E4357 451st Avenue, right next to Pinewood Golf Course.

We welcome everyone who comes through the doors. Help us continue our journey with the teachings of Christ in the world today.

Steve Russell was ordained into the Holy Order of Deacons on October 23, 2016.

He is a life-long member of Grace Church, Menomonie.

As part of his ministry, Deacon Steve teaches computer literacy in the Dunn County Jail. On a weekly basis, Steve assists in the Mass of Holy Eucharist, occasionally preaching the sermon.

Steve's family is active in the church. His wife helps to lead the singing.


Reverend Deacon Steve Russell