Bible Studies

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Healing Ministry

Grace has an active healing ministry. A small group that meets on Sunday before church has devoted prayer and study to discerning this ministry. It includes lay persons and clergy. The Order of St. Luke's reading list has informed this group as well as considerable intention given to studying and practicing Contemplative Prayer.
Healing prayers and anointing are offered following reception of Holy Communion every Sunday.

Prayer Chain

The Grace Church Prayer Chain is a group of people who have agreed to pray for people with prayer needs. An email is sent out to all our members concerning the addition or correction to our list of names. We get prayer requests for physical healing, emotional healing, peace and comfort, thanksgivings, safe delivery, RIP, protection of armed forces, our church, and other specific events and concerns.

New lists are sent out once we have several updates.  As members of the prayer chain, we believe that prayer changes things and that holding each other up in prayer brings us closer as a congregation. We also believe in the confidentiality of prayer requests and always try to honor this.

Contemplative Prayer

We explore Contemplative Prayer at Grace Church. We have benefited from reading Thomas Keatings book, Open Heart, Open Mind. He has introduced us to a very profound thought that of  “Gods first language is silence.”

Sitting together in silence has proven to be a very powerful experience for us individually and collectively. Parishioners report that the fruit of this practice is very important to their spiritual journey.
Centering prayer is a  movement of Divine Love designed to renew the Christian contemplative tradition.  Simply stated , this is a practice of intention to consent to sit in the presence of God, for a set period of time.  It is based on the format for the profound form of prayer that Jesus suggests in Matthew 6:6  If you want to pray,enter your inner room, close the door, and pray to your father in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
Centering prayer puts into effect the first two recommendations of Jesus formula in Matthew 6:6 by leaving behind external concerns and by discontinuing, at least in intention, the interior dialogue that usually accompanies ordinary psychological awareness. Jesus' third recommendation -”pray in secret”-points to the practice that later became known as contemplative prayer.
Centering prayer elicits a commitment to the goal of inner transformation. It suggests a practical method of entering our “inner room” by deliberately letting go of external concerns symbolized by closing our eyes and consenting to the presence and action of god within. Next a sacred symbol, such as a word from scripture, an inward glance toward God dwelling within, or noticing our breath as a symbol of the  Holy Spirit, is introduced silently as a way to maintain our intention to consent to God's presence and action within. As this disposition of alert receptivity stabilizes through a regular practice, we are gradually prepared by the Spirit to pray, that is, to relate to the Father in  secret.

Remembering this is indeed a practice will free you from any judgment around getting it right.  We begin with a reading from “Where Only Love Can Go”, a journey of the soul into The Cloud of Unknowing. We then sit in silence for 20 minutes. We end by reflecting on the reading.

Contact us for more information on dates and time for Contemplative Prayer.